Facial Manual Lymphatic Drainage

"I have suffered with sinusitis for the past 20 years. I have had to carry a supply of tissues with me everywhere, my sense of smell disappeared a long time ago. One treatment with Julie, surprisingly so gentle and very relaxing, and I can breath, no tissues! And I can smell the roses again – it´s amazing!" 

H Dawkins, Bedfordshire

MLD & Plastic Surgery

"I had extensive surgery including liposuction at a clinic abroad. The clinic recommended I have a course of MLD on my return to the UK. I had a course of 10 treatments with Julie immediately, the bruising reduced and the swelling went down so much that I had to have my body compression stocking taken in" 

M.A.Spears, Bedfordshire


"I´ve been trying to run for the past few years, but I get to certain distance and my Achilles hurts and makes even walking painful. Julie used her machine on my Achilles, I had only two treatments and there is no longer any pain and I´m now running again" 

A Clarke, Milton Keynes