Vaser Aftercare

VASER liposuction is an amazing procedure to re sculpture your body safely & quickly.

Following the procedure there is still an amount of surplus fluid in your body that contained the anaesthetic. There will also be a natural reaction by the body that causes a huge amount of swelling although the quantity of swelling is restricted by the compression garment you will be required to wear afterwards.

It is very important that the swelling dissipates evenly to prevent any unevenness and hardness developing. The lymphatic system is designed to remove surplus fluid in the body naturally.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is designed to make the lymphatic system work more efficiently; it will also help the system repair itself if there has been any damage during the VASER procedure.

It is especially important after VASER to have a series of MLD treatments to help repair the body, remove the swelling faster and most importantly make sure the end result is smooth and even with no hardness or bumps. Overall MLD will help to attain the final results faster.

If you have developed an uneven finish with areas of hardness, MLD will help remove them over a course of several treatments. I use a Hivamat machine during each therapy session. This sends a gentle magnetic vibration into the hardness which helps to increase the effectiveness of the MLD and consequently the hardness recedes quickly.

Over many years I have successfully treated hundreds of post VASER clients and from this experience I would recommend an initial session is applied in the first 1 – 3 days following the procedure. Even with drains following the procedure MLD will make you feel noticeably more comfortable. MLD is extremely gentle and therefore it is especially beneficial to have the first treatment as soon as possible.

These are number of sessions I would recommend following:

  • Hi-definition VASER 5 – 10 sessions
  • Standard VASER on stomachs and flanks 3 – 5 sessions
  • Standard VASER on legs up to 3 sessions

This information is only provided as a guide and more or less could be required depending on the body’s natural healing process and your own lifestyle.

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