MDL For Sinusitis

This can be a very painful condition. The pain can occur around the nose, eye or forehead. There may be difficulty in breathing, especially at night. You may have to rely on nasal inhalers to be able to sleep. Headaches can be debilitating.

It is often the result of congestion in the facial tissues which prevent the sinuses working correctly.

The gentle techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage encourage the surplus fluid, causing the congestion to drain away.

The treatment will concentrate on the neck and face with extra work around the sinus area.

The minimum of three sessions are enough to usually get a fantastic result, and often after the first session a huge improvement will be noticed. The sessions should be taken as close together as possible.

If you have suffered from this condition for a very long time you will also notice that your sense of smell will return, along with a better taste sensation and of course sleep patterns will also improve.

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